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Kimi’s 3rd Birthday party

So, Kimi turned 3 last Tuesday.  She had the TIME OF HER LIFE.  That day she was so pleasant to be around, no whining, no crying, no complaining….it was GREAT.  Why can’t every day be like these?  Sorry, lots of … Continue reading

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Potty trained!!!

Yeahoooo!!! She did it! She’s been trained for about 2 weeks now. Kimi is pretty stubborn, so I knew she wouldn’t do it until she decided herself that it was time. She’s still not dry during the night, but during … Continue reading

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We got both ends of the spectrum

Today we went to the doctor for well check-ups for both kids.  Besides the little colds they have, both are healthy and happy children.  Noah only had one shot, and Kimi didn’t have to have any.  Gotta love that!  We … Continue reading

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Lately I have had, for some strange reason, this renewed desire to do some things I’ve always been scared of doing. And I have come to realize that what may seem difficult are not that way when you have a … Continue reading

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Our trip to WA

Here are a bunch of pictures of us while we were in WA. The first week we had a family reunion in Pasco with Mike’s family. There’s several pictures of us at the Snake. Here’s Mike with his cousin Darielle. … Continue reading

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