Nearing a Year

I first of all won’t even try to catch up with where I left off on my last blog post.  I am really bad at keeping this updated, that’s for sure.  Here’s a little tid bit of the last 6 months with pictures.  And by the way, Mike is fully recovered from his achilles injury…thank heavens.  The twins turn 1 next week!  I CAN’T BELIEVE WE HAVE SURVIVED THE FIRST YEAR OF TWINS!!!!  I am still amazed.  It has been a year.

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Time Flies

Where did the summer go?  It was a good summer.  It hasn’t been the most relaxing summer having twins and a crippled husband, but it has still been enjoyable.  I’ve been told someday I will look back on these days “fondly.”  Well, it might be a while before I am feeling that way.  Right now we are “just surviving.”  And that’s ok.  Here’s just a few pictures for you to enjoy:

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Tender moments

Their blessing day was last Sunday.  What a great experience!  Though my life is a little chaotic, there are really sweet moments too.  And even though I am stressed a lot of the time, I am the luckiest mom to be able to have my sweet twin girls join our family, and I get to watch them grow up together.

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My two bundles of joy

Poor Kate

This shot made me laugh…maybe something to brighten your day too.  (Kate pink, Lily purple)


I just love these sweet girls of mine.  Lily is on the left, and Kate is on the right.

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Welcome to the World, Lily and Kate!

So, I’ve been a little out of it these days.  I thought that since the twins are going to be one month old this week, maybe I should update my blog about their arrival!  Our twin girls were born April 8th.  And I have to say that I can’t believe I made it through the first month of twins!  Of course I wouldn’t have been able to cope with anything without having my mom here to help out.  Life is insane with twin newborns and my other two munchkins running around!

Ok, so for those of you who care and want to hear their birth story, here it goes.  I went in for a routine non-stress test the day before I was to be induced.  Baby B’s heartbeat was showing some variability, and so they thought it would be best to not wait until the next day to take me.  So, a little unprepared I was, they escorted me to my room to start my labor.  Mike was able to make it to the hospital soon after that, and we waited and waited for them to be able to hook me up to pitocin.  My babies were positioned so low and so close together that they had a hard time getting two different heartrates on the monitor.  And they couldn’t start me on pit until they had two different heart beats consistently for 20 minutes.  So, we had to wait for my Dr. to make it over during his lunch break to break my water and insert an internal monitor on Baby A.  Twenty minutes later they hooked me up to pit, and not long after that they gave me my epidural–it was great!  I didn’t have to go through really hard contractions before I got it, which was SO NICE.  And I didn’t realize how uncomfortable I was carrying those twins, even just laying in bed, until the epidural kicked in.  I finally was able to lay down comfortably, for the first time in  LONG time.

Three hours from the time my Dr. broke my water and started me on pit, I was ready to push!  They wheeled me into an operating room, which is precautionary with twin deliveries.  They were both head down and the first one came out at 4:27 pm, and the second one came out at 4:33 pm.  My epidural was amazing, and I had really a quite enjoyable labor experience!  Baby A we named Lily, who was 5 lbs 12 oz, and Baby B we named Kate, who was 6 lbs 0 oz. 

Recovery has gone really well.  It is taking longer for my uterus to shrink, but hey, what do you expect when it gets stretched out so blasted far?  What we women do for these babies…

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Twin Pregnancy



Thank goodness my twin pregnancy days have almost come to an end.  This has been the hardest pregnancy, but also the most blessed pregnancy.  I have been so fortunate to have such good health, both babies and I.   We look forward to meeting those sweet girls next week!

I had my own little photoshoot last weekend.  I’m now 36 weeks and measuring over 50 cm.  I never thought my belly could stretch this far.







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It has been a mild winter, but here’s proof it wasn’t mild all winter long.

January Snow

Noah and his hat he loves that he got from Grandma Empey.  Mike said he wished he had one just like it.

Noah bundled up

Kimi and her typical cheerful self.


I think Noah always has his feet crossed. 

my kids

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House improvements

This was the kitchen in mint green when we first moved in:


This is the kitchen after we painted over the nasty mint.  I feel so much bettter when I go in the kitchen.  It’s weird how some colors just have an effect on you.




Another after shot:

After 2

We also got new countertops in our master bathroom, along with a paint job and new fixtures.

Love the new countertop and sink!

Here’s some more random shots of the stockings I made last year, my kids, and my 2 kids inside my belly, which grow and grow every day.



Twins at 22 weeks 


These 2 are the twins at 27 weeks, and still growing.  Measuring close to 4o weeks.


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We’re gonna have twins!

Due April 23, 2010

Twin girls

They each have their own sack and placenta, and everything looks good for 17 weeks.  We’ll find out more on my next ultrasound next month…and at every ultrasound every month until they are born.

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Here’s some pictures of our new house!   I just took a picture of a few of the rooms.   I skipped the 2 bathrooms, hallways, laundry, and other boring stuff.  This should give you an idea though.  Please ignore the clutter!  The tv/toy room and office area are two rooms connected, and it is getting carpet on Monday.  Until then it’s a little chaotic.  There’s 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, living room, family room and office, dining, kitchen, outdoor deck, and one of our favorites…a garage!  We’ve been so busy with home projects, and we have a bit to go, but we’ve come a long way.  Mike has done some roof work, ripped out the swamp cooler and duct, replaced the kitchen faucet, repaired a couple holes in the wall, and moved a utility drain which required  some jackhammering and sledgehammering in the office floor.  We plan on having central air/new furnace etc.  done next spring.  We’ve done a little bit of painting (guest room, toy room), and plan on changing the color in the kitchen from that mint frosting green to something more easy on the eyes.  The kids room is also in this same green.  The eventual baby’s room  (it has a twin bed set up there right now) currently has bunny wallpaper, which I hope to take down and paint another color (another project, another day).  The yard has lots of potential, but we’ve gotta get the inside a little more completed first.   Anyways, we are so excited to be in our new house, and have lots of room, a big back yard, and plenty of home projects to keep us busy!  We sure were sad to move out of our old ward and old neighborhood, but are also happy that things worked out with this house.  We feel very blessed.  We love the location here on Grandview Hill, and it’s close proximity to other areas in Provo and Orem.

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