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More pictures!

Here’s a few more pictures of Noah with the rest of the family. We think we might have a friend take some pictures of all of us together and send Happy New Year’s cards since we definitely didn’t get around … Continue reading

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My labor experience

I decided to fill those of you who are interested in hearing about how my labor went last Thursday (13th–also my birthday). I first went into my Dr. on the 10th (Monday before), and he stripped my membranes. The next … Continue reading

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More photos of sweet Noah

He is doing better with his jaundice, by the way. It dropped a couple of points today, so we won’t have to bring him back to the hospital–yay!!! Here’s some pictures of Noah this past week. Two of them were … Continue reading

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Uh Oh’s Yellow Baby Might Need the Lights

We got the yellow-skin test thingy back and Noah’s jaundice levels are at 16ish.  If they don’t improve by tomorrow, we are probably going to have to take him in and put him under the lights at the hospital.  He … Continue reading

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Small update

Well, we finally picked a middle name for Noah.  In case you didn’t know, we were having a hard time picking a name.  We both decided on Noah James Andelin.  Kimi absolutely loves and adores her new little brother.  She … Continue reading

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Baby Noah is here!

Hey everyone! The baby came finally.  He was born on Carly’s birthday (yesterday) at about 1:00pm after being induced.  We are naming him Noah.  Noah weighed in at 8 lbs 2 oz and is 19.5″ in length.  Here are a … Continue reading

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Going through old files

I was going through some old files and found this older picture of kimi and carly.  I will post it for your entertainment.

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Finally got our blog up!

Well, after talking with carly for a bit, we decided that we should probably get a blog up and running. Carly is due any day now. Hopefully we will have some good pictures up here soon.

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