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6 quirks

I got tagged about my 6 quirks.  Sorry that I didn’t tag anyone.  Whoever feels like exposing 6 quirking things you do, please do—it’s actually entertaining to read these about people.  It was sadly a little easy for me to … Continue reading

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Trying out the new gallery

So, I’m trying out the new gallery feature that our WordPress offers.  I had a few fun pictures of the kids and wanted to show some of my favorite pictures of the Basin area in the summer.  The kids and … Continue reading

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Sorry, I got tagged.

OK, Jen, I really did this JUST for you. I’m so timely—only 5 months late. A. ATTACHED OR SINGLE? attached—7  1/2 years B. BEST FRIEND? Mike C. CAKE OR PIE? Probably cake. However, since Mike definitely prefers pie, I hate … Continue reading

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I must be scary and intimidating

So, one week ago from today, some stupid boys stole one of my wheels off my jogging stroller.  I was so annoyed not only because it’s mine and I use it almost daily, but also because they can’t use a … Continue reading

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So I really am a magnet for weirdos

To preface my scary story, I have to tell some of you that I have come across 3 exhibitionists in the last 5 years here in Provo.  The first time I was flashed we lived in Wymount, and it was … Continue reading

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