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This kid is gonna kill me

Ok, so we’ve been having a rough time lately with the sleeping issue. Noah has started some BAD sleeping habits, and it’s driving me insane. I feel like I am honestly not me right now because I have no patience … Continue reading

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Baby woes

Noah is growing by the day, literally. We’ve been dealing with food issues with him lately. The formulas we’ve tried just haven’t seemed to work, plus we think he still has acid reflux too. Definitely frustrating. But, thanks to a … Continue reading

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We had a nice Easter. On Sunday we invited all our Provo siblings for dinner–thanks Paula for getting us a ham! This year we didn’t want to deprive Kimi of her hunt, so we had a little Easter Egg hunt … Continue reading

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The last little ones

So, for the last week we have been dealing with her last set of molars. We didn’t understand why her “tongue” was hurting, and then after the temperature and the loss of appetite, Mike looked in her mouth. It’s been … Continue reading

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A Month late

Ok, so I am a month late on posting this. I just had to show ya’ll these flowers that Mike got me for Valentine’s Day. They were very pretty, but the nice thing about them was that they lasted for … Continue reading

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kid pics

So, I had a friend take some pictures of the kids, and I think I might have done it too late at night, because Kimi was obviously not interested. So I think we might do another photo session so that … Continue reading

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