Uh Oh’s Yellow Baby Might Need the Lights

We got the yellow-skin test thingy back and Noah’s jaundice levels are at 16ish.  If they don’t improve by tomorrow, we are probably going to have to take him in and put him under the lights at the hospital.  He also lost a pound in the last couple days…. so the Dr. said he needs to be woken up every three hours and fed.  So everyone hope and pray for the best.  Thanks!  I will post some more pictures a little later.

Kimi has been crazy as ever.  She seems to bounce on the walls… errr better said, she seems to climb the walls.  I don’t know where she gets her stubbornness, but man, she can sure be crazy.  We will be looking forward to Grandma Paula’s visit after Christmas–I hope Carly can hold out that long.   Anyways, Kimi says thanks to Grandpa Ozaki for her Elmo stuffed animal (we bought it today at Toys R Us).  Tonight she tucked Elmo into bed and sang him a song before she went to bed.

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  1. Zach says:

    Sorry to hear about the news Mike. It is always hard not being able to take the baby home in good condition. Our second baby was in the hospital for two weeks with pneumonia. But believe me, it does get better!

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