This year Kimi was a witch, and of course said she needed the green face paint.  She said that she didn’t want to be a scary witch, but a nice witch.  Noah had a costume I borrowed from one of my friends.  We sure got a kick out of it and watching him walk.   He first didn’t want to wear it, but after him trying it on for other people, and everyone laughed so hard I think it gave him some encouragement.  Now HE laughs and thinks he’s so funny when he puts it on.

P.S. If you wanted to comment and weren’t able to, Mike said you just need to register on our blog…I guess.

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Our Family

We’re probably the worst bloggers you know.  I’ll admit, I’ve kinda not been in the blogging mood lately.  I’ve been kinda lazy with “extra” things on my to do list, and this has been one of those.   Most of the time I just check on facebook to what people are up to.  We had a LONG vacation to WA this summer, which was a blast, and then once we got back, we’ve been pretty busy with house stuff.  We also found out that we are expecting another baby!  I’m due sometime in April, but after my miscalculations with Noah, I’m beginning to doubt my ability to count the days in my cycles.  It’s kinda poor timing with feeling crumby while we are trying to find a home, but oh well.  I’m just so excited I’m not having a baby during RSV season. We sold our townhome to some of our friends, which was crazy in and of itself that we could sell our townhome so quickly without even putting it on the market.  We sold our townhome initially so that we could buy a home that we really liked in our close neighborhood.  When that home didn’t appraise well, we had to switch gears and find somewhere else to live fast.  We’re under contract with a home that we feel really good about up on Grandview Hill in Provo.  We won’t know for sure if it is going to happen until we get the appraisal done.  We have our fingers crossed, especially since we have to be out this townhome by Oct. 9th.  That’s next week.  Luckily we have some good friends that offered their house to us if we can’t close on a home in time (Thank you Don and Irene!).  At least we won’t be on the streets!  In the meantime, I’m driving my husband crazy complaining about his moving tactics, and he’s been working his tail off by moving our stuff into a large storage unit little by little every day.  I’ve got a couple pictures from our summer trip to WA and OR, but that doesn’t even cover visiting Mike’s family, along with other outings and Kimi’s birthday two weeks ago.  Hopefully we’ll be in a house soon and I can post pictures of that!

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Hike to the Timp Caves

Here’s some updated pictures, mostly of our hike to the Timpanogas Caves this last Monday.  I think I wanted to die after carrying 40 extra pounds on my back.  I have the sweat picture to prove it.  Too bad Noah and Kimi weigh about the same—switching kids wouldn’t have made a difference.  It was fun though, the caves were really cool.  Mike’s fatty foot was from him stepping on a bumble bee, which was on the floor by his bed side.  What are the chances!?!  Lucky him!  All I can say is that at least it wasn’t me, or the kids.

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Noah is such a busy body these days.  While we were visiting our Vegas family, Noah was able to drench half of his body in his attempt to jump in the pool—luckily his mommy is a fast mommy.  He seemed to throw every golf ball they owned in the pool.  Then later he lost his lunch from Mike spinning him too long in the swing.  But then how can you resist him when he looks at you like this?


Kimi has actually been a delight these days.





Here’s our family chillin in the pool


Hanging out with my buddy.


Thanks Alan and Melissa for a great time!

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Today is a good day

Today is a good day.  I love Mother’s Day–it was one of the better things our culture adapted.  Mike let me sleep in, was about to bring me breakfast in bed until  I walked in the kitchen, and then showed me the flowers that he and kids picked out for me to plant in our flower garden.  Then I was able to get ready for Church without the kids driving me crazy.  Then tonight he is making dinner for us.  What a great husband I have!  I don’t think Kimi fully understands Mother’s Day yet.  In primary they made Mother’s Day cards and Kimi liked her card so much, she decided she wanted to keep it (even though it says Happy Mother’s Day on the front).  Anyways, it’s been a good day.  Wish I could make you dinner today, Mom.  And I hope that my younger sisters take good care of you today! (I’m sure they will.)  Here’s some random pictures.

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Monday… Tuesday… Wednesday…

So, softball was supposed to start yesterday (thursday), but was canceled due to poor weather.  Not rain–but snow.  On monday we went for a walk in the park and had a picnic on my day off.  Tuesday was a little rainy.  Wednesday was a beast with lots of snow.  Here are some pictures. Booooooo @ utah springtime weather.

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*post by mike*

<new cell phone with camera>

So, I recently got a new cell phone from work since my last one just stopped working.  This one is a blackberry curve–and it has a camera!  I decided to post some random pictures, taken from my cell phone, which illustrate the usefulness of having a camera built-in to a cell phone.  Enjoy!

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1st haircut

Why didn’t I do this a long time ago?  Is she not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?  And she knows it.





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Random…basically I finally got around to uploading the pics off my camera


Fruit loops make a happy kid.

Don't think she knows how to smile for the camera without a major cheese.

Don't think she knows how to smile for the camera without a major cheese.

The before hair cute picture.  What a happy boy, especially when he gets green beans and oreos.

The before hair cut picture. What a happy boy, especially when he gets green beans and oreos.

The after hair cut picture.  Pretty close to a buzz.

The after hair cut picture. Pretty close to a buzz.

Favorite hobby in the kitchen

Favorite hobby in the kitchen

Both my boys with their mexi staches.  This was at Dallin and Derek's mexican luau.

Both my boys with their mexi staches. This was at Dallin and Derek's mexican luau.

First time with sponge rollers...a little curly?

First time with sponge rollers...a little curly?

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A little advice please

Ok, so, if there was a contest for stubborness, hardheadedness, “strong willed-ness” (you fill in the blank), I think my daughter would take 1st.   She had the most embarrassing display on our flight this afternoon back from WA, all because she wouldn’t get her shoes on and didn’t want me to get off the plane.  Another outburst was also this evening when she wouldn’t wash her hands.  I keep thinking that she is going to tame this side of her personality to make my life a little easier, but I think I’ve just gotta get used to it.  I feel like timeouts are just power struggles.  Any advice on raising a child like this?

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