Hike to the Timp Caves

Here’s some updated pictures, mostly of our hike to the Timpanogas Caves this last Monday.  I think I wanted to die after carrying 40 extra pounds on my back.  I have the sweat picture to prove it.  Too bad Noah and Kimi weigh about the same—switching kids wouldn’t have made a difference.  It was fun though, the caves were really cool.  Mike’s fatty foot was from him stepping on a bumble bee, which was on the floor by his bed side.  What are the chances!?!  Lucky him!  All I can say is that at least it wasn’t me, or the kids.

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2 Responses to Hike to the Timp Caves

  1. Wendi C says:

    Be proud of that backsweat Car! Its no small feat hauling Noah around! BTW, love his buzz job. I need to buzz Zubster before we go to WA.

  2. Wendi C says:

    Um Shannon found her way onto your blog and was looking at these pictures. She saw the cave pictures and remembered when we went to Carlsbad. That was… 2.5 years ago… she was barely 3. Her memory is uncanny.

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