Welcome Natalie and Julie!

We’ve got two new nieces that have come in the last few weeks!  Check them out!

Natalie Erin Cutler,  http://brcutler.blogspot.com/

Julie Melinda Clark, http://blog.mikeandwendi.com/

Congratulations to all the proud parents!

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Is your neighborhood getting rough?

Is your neighborhood getting a little rough?  Are you having a hard time sleeping at night worrying for your safety?  If so, you might be interested in the latest in home security.  We present the CARMASTER5000 home security system.  This system is guaranteed to deliver.  Now, you can finally sleep safely and securely in your home.

Carmaster 5000 Home Security

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Cowboy Noah

Ok, I might be a little biased, but isn’t he the cutest cowboy you’ve ever seen?  I should have shown his little bum to show off his wrangler tag, and lifted his pants so you could see his boots.

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Noah got in a fight with a blackberry and lost

So, Noah woke up Monday morning looking like this.  After taking him in, we figured out that it was hives, and my son may not be able to enjoy seeded berries again….how sad.  We think he had a couple of bites of blackberry pie which didn’t agree with him at all.  We’ll find out for sure in two months at his allergy test.

You should have seen his diaper area.  It was so bad.

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Best cinnamon roll ever

Ok, if you are craving cinnamon rolls and have a lot of extra butter in the fridge…make these!  My sister gave this to me from allrecipes.com.  She was craving them and so I thought we’d all indulge.  They are amazing!—very rich.   Don’t expect to be losing any weight eating these!  Here’s the recipe:

Clone of a Cinnabon

P.S. the recipe says you need a bread machine…you don’t.  Just mix it together and let it rise in the oven that has been preheated to 200, and then turned off.  It took about an hour to rise.  Place a damp towel over the bowl—that helps too.  And somebody gave the tip to line the pan with wax paper and flip them after they’ve come out to have the inside spread throughout the rolls.  I didn’t notice a HUGE difference.  ENJOY!

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New Haircut

Here’s my angel child with a new haircut and new jammies from Grandma and Grandpa Empey.  Sorry Rach, he needed to get rid of the mop on his head.

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It’s about time Carly

It’s taken me a little while to update anything….sheesh.  Here’s some pictures of us at mine and Noah’s birthday party, us going to see the lights at Temple Square, and other random pictures.

Is anyone sick of the snow and winter as much as I am?

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A great day

So, I’m in a blogging rut lately.  I have just not been motivated to update my blog.  And it’s not that nothing has happened.  We had a nice outing a couple weeks ago to see the lights at Temple Square (with some nice pictures), A GREAT Thanksgiving trip to Vegas at Uncle Alan’s house, Noah and I had our birthday last Saturday (which was a wonderful day)…..and all the other Christmas festivities.   I will say that for my birthday, Mike let me go to the gym and workout with Katelyn in the morning.  When I got home, he had made pancakes for breakfast.  A couple hours later we went shopping, except I went by myself to the mall while he took the kids to Costco.  THEN, he made dinner for us and my two sisters and brother-in-law.  We then had cake and icecream and presents for Noah and I.  I think I’m going to really enjoy sharing a birthday with that little guy from now on.  I’ll tell ya, it’s much better spending your birthday at home than in the delivery room.

I think I’m going to take a blog vacation until after the first of the year.  Happy Holidays everyone!  Be safe and healthy!

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I finished it!

I finally finished it!  I had my mom’s quilter in Tri-Cities quilt it while I was visiting a couple of weeks ago.  I’m pleased with how it turned out.  Hopefully Kimi loves it too!  We’re doing a whole makeover in her room.  Since it’s now Noah’s room too, we decided it was time to get rid of the pink walls.  I think we’re going to paint it next week.  I’ll post pics later!

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WA trip and Halloween

I had several pictures, so I just put them in a gallery.  There are some Halloween pictures (you gotta at least enlarge the Noah ones), my cousins amazing jack-o-lanterns, a couple from Rach’s baby shower, and just some random ones around the house.  I just love WA.

P.S.  For those of you who are interested in how my finger is doing, it is healing quite nicely.  I have downgraded to a bandaid, and my finger is skinny again!

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