Today is a good day

Today is a good day.  I love Mother’s Day–it was one of the better things our culture adapted.  Mike let me sleep in, was about to bring me breakfast in bed until  I walked in the kitchen, and then showed me the flowers that he and kids picked out for me to plant in our flower garden.  Then I was able to get ready for Church without the kids driving me crazy.  Then tonight he is making dinner for us.  What a great husband I have!  I don’t think Kimi fully understands Mother’s Day yet.  In primary they made Mother’s Day cards and Kimi liked her card so much, she decided she wanted to keep it (even though it says Happy Mother’s Day on the front).  Anyways, it’s been a good day.  Wish I could make you dinner today, Mom.  And I hope that my younger sisters take good care of you today! (I’m sure they will.)  Here’s some random pictures.

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