What I Hate Worst

This is pretty high on my hate list, if not at the top—kids with the stomach flu. They give you NO warning. I knew that I was knocking on wood when I told several people a couple of weeks ago how it has been so nice to have a healthy family. Yeah, I knew I shouldn’t have said it out loud. Noah has been sick with the stomach flu, and now over it, and Kimi this morning has come down with the same. I decided to be a good wife and take Kimi with me to Pack Meeting this morning, and while we were getting ready she said that her tummy didn’t feel good. But kids always say that…and how often are they REALLY sick? So we went to pack meeting and a couple of minutes after they started their program, Kimi threw up all over the place. Luckily I had a couple of friends that instantly were willing to help clean up. So Kimi went home in just a diaper. Noah, on the other hand, I can’t quite figure out. I think he honestly had the flu on Tuesday because he couldn’t keep anything down. But every day since then (except today) he’s thrown up something. I think he has a sensitive gag reflex, and whenever there is something chunky that he eats, he heaves. And he hates these canned peas I bought at Costco, and he threw those up because he didn’t like them. But the milk isn’t bothering him, and he doesn’t throw up all the time. I think he’s teething. Any brilliant ideas or similar experiences?

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I don’t need to tell you what we just went through! Ack! I’m sorry it’s been rough. Hang in there!! Maybe with Noah you can go back to square one with things he CAN keep down and work back up.

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