What my children have been up to


Kimi loves to read Noah books. Noah’s personality is such that he will do whatever, as long as he gets food and paid attention to. He doesn’t even cry when Kimi sits on him.  He’s such a big boy and she’s such a dainty slim girl that I doubt it would hurt him anyway. I’m the one that has a hard time with my almost 3 year old sitting on my 5 month old.


Does that face show pure delight or what? She stayed up a little too late tonight and helped Dad catch night crawlers out of our flower garden.

Helping Kimi say her prayers tonight:

Me: We’re thankful for Mom, Dad, and Noah.

Kimi: And my wormies.

Me: We’re thankful for our house.

Kimi: And my wormies.

Me: Please bless us to sleep good.

Kimi: And bless my wormies to sleep good.

Me: And help us to be like Jesus.

Kimi: And bless my wormies to sleep good.

Me: Ok……..and bless my wormies to sleep good.

Kimi giggles and finally will continue with the prayer.

Here she is holding on for dear life, so proud of those slimy things.


The only way I got her to let go of them was to convince her that they needed to go to sleep in the fridge.

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3 Responses to What my children have been up to

  1. Jande says:

    I think your kids are just like mine. Kyla and Kimi sound just a like and so does Hunter and Noah, especially the being fed and having attention is all they need to be happy. I loved the cute skirt you made, what a great idea.

  2. jennis aka twenty says:

    Gotta love the wormies! Well, actually, you don’t but apparently kids do… Kimi’s skirt turned out cute!

  3. That was the cutest story I have heard in a long long time What a funny cute prayer. Kids are great they really do help you appreciate the little things.

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