7 years ago

On May 18, 2001 Mike and I were married in Portland, OR. You can’t help but reminisce on your anniversary, which ours landed on a Sunday this year. We instead decided to celebrate it on Saturday the 17th so that we could get babysitters and actually go on a real date. We went and saw two movies (Forbidden Kingdom, and Iron Man–the latter is WAY good, first isn’t bad), and ate at our favorite Japanese restaurant Asukas (pretty good with what Utah Valley has to offer). Thanks to the Provo siblings who traded off and watched our kids! So here’s a few pictures for family and friends to enjoy how things were 7 years ago the weekend of our wedding.

As I was taking too long to get ready for the reception, Mike being ready hours before, had Uncle Alan take some pictures to pass the time.

Love the bowtie


Flying Brock with his responsible Dad. Kristin, here’s a picture to add to your post a while back about Rob breaking that rule “Don’t throw your child high up into the air.”

My lovely bridesmaids and Mike’s bestman Cameron. Ok, my sisters have grown. I hardly recognize Katelyn.

My beautiful wedding cake by Kaye Freeman. Not only did she do a fantastic job, it was SUPER yummy. I’m not totally into eating wedding cakes with all the frosting, but this one was GOOOOD. I knew it was good because by the time we got back from our honeymoon the family saved us only one piece.

Wendi and her “friend” Mike

Little Madie–Ok, she’s REALLY grown.

Rob and Kristin’s cute little family. Brock was such a cute little baby!

My wonderful parents 🙂

My great photographer Uncle Alan

Grandpa Ozaki


Jared and Jen (a.k.a. “Twenty”) with Aunt Lisa. Sorry Jen, I couldn’t find one of you guys posing on my CD.

Rey and Wendy

Robert and Paula, my GREAT Father in law and GREAT Mother in law


Us with our pink noses. We were freezing by the end of the reception.

What a great guy I married. Here’s to many more great years ahead.

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5 Responses to 7 years ago

  1. Wendi says:

    Ah yes, my dear “friend” Mike. We weren’t fooling anyone, were we? I’m so glad Jared didn’t wear that beard very long. I was wondering who had the pics of Rob sending Brock flying. My kids would both freak out if we tossed them that high.

  2. Melissa Drake says:

    Congrats on 7 years. Time goes by so fast! We need to get together and do something, we never see you since we didn’t play softball this summer.

  3. jennis aka twenty says:

    Congratulations, guys! And yes, I agree that the beard on Jared wasn’t the best idea. I think it makes him look older, which I suppose was desirable when he was in his early 20s working with patients in a hospital. But now we don’t want to look older any more!!

  4. Kira Lee says:

    Boy do those pictures make the memories flood back!! I can totally remember going all the weddings that summer and excited for ours the next month! I really cannot believe how fast the time has flown. These are the years though…and more great year to come!!

  5. Kira Lee says:

    Okay, that was supposed to be years to come!!

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