We’re getting close!

I’ll tell you, I think this is the most excited I have been in my life to see poop–Kimi went in the toilet! And she did it all on her own, I didn’t even need to coax her. So I think I might try potty training again next week after we go to Vegas this weekend. Kimi was so proud of herself, it was so cute. It’s definitely a start!

P.S. It was so cute, in her prayers last night, among being thankful for several random things like her clean sheets and Uncle Brady’s big clock, she said she was thankful that she went poop in the toilet. Don’t you just love kids?

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2 Responses to We’re getting close!

  1. Jande says:

    horray for Kimi:) Good luck with the rest of it.

  2. jennis aka twenty says:

    Good job Kimi! I’m hoping Quentin has a little more success in that department after we move.

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