Our trip to Vegas

Last weekend we went to Vegas to visit with Alan, Melissa and the kids. It was a nice break to get away from Utah for a couple of days. A couple of weeks ago we bought our friends’ portable DVD player with two screens. Can I tell you that that was SO worth the 50 bucks? Those things are lifesavers on the road with your kids! We had lots of good food, played lots of Wii, and just hung out. Uncle Alan also took pictures of our family and the kids. I have to say that his photography skills have really stepped it up to the next level. I hate to have any professional take pictures of my kids because he does such a good job! So I posted a few pictures for you to see. Kimi was hamming it up in front of the camera.

Poor Darielle, Kimi was GLUED to her side the entire weekend. She wouldn’t let me bathe her, do her hair, buckle her in her carseat, get her dressed. She wanted Darielle to do everything. I was of course fine with it, but I have to for sure give my thanks for Darielle for be such a good sport. However, the poopy diaper was where Darielle drew the line. It was hilarious seeing how disgusted they were with my kids’ diapers.

One part of the trip that was oh so fun was waking up with both kids during at least 2 of the 4 nights we were there. Kimi was absolutely terrified of their dog Corky (she called him Porky). He’s a little dog, but she screamed at the top of her lungs whenever he got close. The second night we were there she prayed, all on her own, that she wouldn’t be scared of Porky. About 15 minutes after we put her to sleep, we heard her screaming as if someone was ready to kill her! We ran in there and she was scared Corky was going to get her (her bed was on the ground). I probably told her 40 times that night that he was locked outside and couldn’t get her. But I guess if I was as little as her and was scared of dogs, I would have felt the same way.





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  1. Jande says:

    okay too cute! How much is your little man weighing these days??

  2. Oh they are so so cute!!

  3. carly says:

    He’s just short of 22 pounds–95 percentile, baby!

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