So, today Kimi showed yet another piece of her persistent and headstrong personality. She likes to get into Noah’s bouncer seat, kind of like an exer-saucer, and most of the time she has a hard time getting out of it. So, this morning I was feeding Noah right before his nap, and she needed help getting out. She yells, “Help mom, help!” I told her that I would help her as soon as Noah finished his bottle and I put him down for his nap. She kept saying, “help, help, help, help.” I’ve learned to ignore her most of the time when it’s really not that important, especially when she does know how to get out of that chair. Except this time after me ignoring her for a minute, she said, “Timeout, mom, Timeout!” I looked right at her and said, “What did you tell me?” She said a little quieter, but very audible, “Timeout mom!” I guess she’s smarter than she looks, since she obviously knows that when she doesn’t do what I ask her to, I threaten her with the favorite word “timeout.”  Oh pray for Mike and I in about 10 years when she enters the wonderful world of teenagers.

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2 Responses to Timeout!

  1. Wendi says:

    LOL! Don’t you love it when your kids start trying to discipline you? Its just great.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I know what you mean. I have one who at times has a mind of her own. She seems to be out growing it for now. Glad to hear Noah is sleeping better. That is so hard. Hope you don’t mind me leaving a comment, but I read your blog occasionally and it’s fun to see your cute kids. Jennifer S. http://bjljkl.blogspot.com

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