It Needed to Happen

It needed to happen. I have been very skeptical about giving him a haircut, but he needed it. He was sporting a nice comb-over, and it also needed to be trimmed around his ears. So Mike got out his hair trimmers and did it. Noah was very chill the whole time, which made it a lot nicer for all of us. Kimi thought it was fun, so she got into the hair mess too, so we ended up putting them both in the bath after he was done. Here are the pictures:







And I have to say that I am quite pleased. It almost looks more full after taking a bunch of his hair off (I saved it for his baby book, how sappy is that). Look at those 92 percentile chubs! He’s also 92 percentile for height. Did I mention that he is now 18 pounds? Sheesh, I’m hoping he slows down soon. But I am getting quite the arm muscles from toting him around. I need to post another picture of him naked sitting up, his rolls almost hold him up (he’s still not quite ready to sit up by himself yet–he’s only 4 months).

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7 Responses to It Needed to Happen

  1. Wendi says:

    He’s HUUUUGE!!!! Wow. I am seriously impressed. He has almost caught up to Kimi! Wow. I just can’t get over him. He is SO super cute too, and his eyes are such a bright blue!

  2. Bridget says:

    Wow! So cute. Paige needs a trim to even things out, but I can’t bring myself to attempt that yet. You’re inspiring. Guess what else . . . Paige weighs 18 lbs as well–she’s almost 14 months old. She’s a little shrimp. Sigh . . .

  3. Jennis says:

    Noah is SUCH a CHUNK– I love it!!! I totally remember about the arm workout with Q. Just think, Kimi can be the bossy oldest sister and still have a “big” brother as well!

    The haircut looks good, too. I had to do the same thing to Q because all his baby hair fell out except a triangle on the top of his head. Once it started growing in again I buzzed his hair to even it out. I figured he’s a guy–he has to accept the reality of clippers in his life sooner or later, and I guess it might as well be sooner!

  4. Amy says:

    He is such a cutie- and a chunk! Delaney is 8 1/2 months old and 19 lbs, I’d love to see them side by side. She also sported a comb over for awhile but I didn’t have the heart to cute the only 6 hairs on her head so I just let keep them until the rest filled in around it. I doubt she’ll appreciate that when she looks back at her baby pictures though!

  5. Jande says:

    atleast he has hair to cut!! Hunter’s is finally starting to grow in but we aren’t to that point yet. He looks cute.

  6. Amy says:

    Hey- Thanks for the advice. I’d love that article if it works out. But no biggie if it becomes a hassle- I wouldn’t want you to get another timeout! 🙂

  7. Hey you two! Cute cute cute kids! That Noah is one big chub, but that’s how babies should be! Have a great day!

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